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Delesign Sample Design

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Delesign Sample Design

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Delesign Sample Design

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Frequently Asked Questions
Have additional questions? Contact our team directly.

Send your request

Submit your design request anytime while logged into our website. You’ll have your own dedicated designer to work with, and you can even select when they work at no additional cost!

We go to work

Your dedicated professional designer will receive your design request, and get to work. With 12 hour turnarounds for simple designs, and daily updates for more complex projects, enjoy our amazing and friendly client experience.

You get your files

Your designer will then send you the completed design for review in the native Adobe files as well as your requested exported file formats. Need a revision? No problem! Message your designer through our website or via email.

You can send in as many requests to your dedicated designer as you want that we will queue for you. Your designer will work their way through your queue each business day, working an average of 2 hours per day on your projects. You’ll be amazed by our blazing fast turnarounds and professional quality designs!

Yes, Delesign only hires experienced and skilled senior level designers. With many years creating a wide variety of professional level designs for all kinds of businesses, both small and publicly traded, each and every one of our designers is more than capable of creating all of the designs we mention on our website.

This includes animation, website and app mockups, illustration, video and photo editing, motion graphics, infographics, all forms of graphic design, and more. You can view samples of our work here, as well as our Official Scope of Service here.

You can select from our 2 available schedules that your designer will work: 6am - 4pm or 6pm - 4am Pacific Time M-F. You can select either option at no additional charge. With one subscription, your designer will work 2 hours per day for you within this schedule, however please note that they will also be working with other clients.
Delesign has developed an extremely efficient design process that saves a tremendous amount of time and thus costs. On top of this, each designer is matched with an average of 4 clients, allowing for you to save costs while still getting your professionally crafted designs promptly.
No! You are free to cancel anytime and for any reason.
Most simple projects can be completed in a day (or less), which means that if you have multiple simple projects you can expect multiple projects to be completed each day with one Delesign subscription. More complex projects may take longer. For example, a one minute animated explainer video with custom drawn characters and illustrations may take 7-15 days to complete. Of course, you may purchase multiple subscriptions to have your projects completed faster.
You have 15 full days to work with your dedicated designer and get some completed designs. If you don’t 100% love Delesign, you can get a full refund — and keep your completed designs!

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